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CDJ player USB + MIXER
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Brand new and weighing in at a mere 9 pounds, Denon's smallest CD/USB Media player packs high-end features not found in much larger units. Smaller is better.



  • Compact, 9" wide
  • Controls DJ Audio/Video DJ Software by MIDI
  • Built-In sound card (USB Audio)
  • Touch sensitive scratch disc with feel of vinyl
  • Supports up to 50,000 wav/mp3 files from a USB device
  • Advanced file searching system by Keyboard
  • Pick next track and cross fade
  • 4 on-board effects, including Echo Loop
  • 3 platter effects
  • 2 Hot Starts on the fly
  • Saves MEMO's
  • D-Link, shares two player's data together

Specifiche tecniche

  • 3 Platter Effects
  • Brake (adjustable in real-time)
  • Dump (reverse sound without losing forward time, like a radio edit)
  • Reverse (plays your music backwards)
  • Next Track Function w/Cross Fade: With thousands of songs stored on an external USB device, play other files from the same source back to back with Next Track function. Search for the next file by 8 criteria (without interrupting playback) and crossfade seamlessly to that file.
  • 4-Way BPM Counter
  • Auto Beat Detection
  • Manual TAP
  • Manual BPM Inpu
  • Reads MP3/WAV BPM Metadata from USB device (if available)
  • Memo Function: Cue point, BPM, Pitch Setting and Range, Pitch ON/OFF, Key Adj ON/OFF, and Seamless Loop A and B data can be stored directly to a file for later recall. CD memo data can also be exported to USB memory and shared with other DN-S1200 players.
  • Pitch Range and Deep Pitch Resolution: For DJs who perform long mix transitions and require high pitch resolution, the DN-S1200 offers a 100mm pitch slider with .02% for the 4% pitch range and .05% for the 10/16% pitch range. 24%/50%/100% ranges are also available.
  • Key Adjust: Keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track or file.
  • Vibrant Tube Display w/2-line Character Text Support: Offers two lines of character information to quickly navigate through CD TEXT tracks and USB files. A visual 32-position Marker Point follows fast hand movements without drift. Other indicators include Looping, Hot Starts, BPM info, Elapsed/Remain Time, MP3/WAV file types and more.
  • Loop A/B Trim: The A or B point for seamless loops can be easily adjusted on-the-fly to perfection.
  • Power On Play: Unattended playback is possible upon power up. Great for restaurants, bars and nightclubs at opening time.
  • Relay Play: Unattended playback is possible between two players by the D-Link connection. Great for cocktail hour and dinners at banquets.
  • 2-way Pitch Bend: (Jog disc or buttons)
  • Quick Jump: Jump around within a track/file by precise user adjustable increment time steps.
  • Two Way CUE Search System: Supports traditional Denon Cueing method and another popular style as well.
  • Fader Start: Supports traditional Fader Start including all Denon Mixers.
  • Software Upgradeable by USB: New Plug Ins are always free and made available via our website.
  • Digital Output
  • Dimensions: 8.4” (w) x 4.0” (h) x 10.3” (d) inches


DN-X 120 è un nuovo mixer 2+1 canali che unisce alle dimensioni estremamente ridotte una qualità del suono unica in un mixer della sua classe. Gain, equalizzatore a tre bande, collegamento fader start con lettore e crossfader con regolazione contour fanno di questo mixer il compagno ideale dei lettore DN-S 1000 e DN-S 1200.


  • 2 canali con slider
  • 1 canali dedicato microfonico
  • 7 ingressi, 4 Line di cui 2 commutabili in Phono, 1 Mic.
  • 2 uscite Master, 1 XLR, 1 RCA
  • Gain, equalizzatore a tre bande
  • Crossfader con contour
  • crossfader start assegnabile
  • Barra Vu Meter nuova generazione
  • PFL selezionabile
  • Alimentatore esterno
  • Dimensioni: 220 x 232x 92,4 mm. Peso 3,2 Kg
  • Alimentazione: EU 230V AC 50 Hz.
  • Fonte Audio dj
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